During class each week, every class will attend three classes we refer to as Specials:


Each class attends Movement class twice a week for approximately 20 minutes. Mrs. Connie's goal with the Movement Program is to incorporate movement experiences that will encourage children to become physically active and promote a healthy lifestyle.  The Movement program uses physical activity to help develop both fine and gross motor skills in the children as well as incorporating academics. 


Our amazing pastors, Rev. Peter Mitchell and Rev. Katherine Wright, are right here on campus at our church to lead the way. They'll share exciting Bible stories, sometimes with songs and games too! We don't focus on doctrine because we come from different backgrounds, but our goal is to team up with parents and help guide the kids on their spiritual journey. We want Christ to be a part of every child's day, not just on Sundays!


Children will have the opportunity to learn and enjoy a trip to Science Lab if they attend school on Friday. They will learn about mixing colors, gravity, friction, liquid, gases and masses, and lots of other interesting concepts. Hands-on activities will be used to teach concepts and the children will often leave with something they used, made, or learned about in science class.